Wednesday, April 9, 2014

First April Weekend

What a productive/fun weekend! Friday night my husband and I went to another couples' house to meet other young couples our age who also have no kids. That was a fun night! Dinner consisted of salad, pizza, and dessert. After dinner we all played a game where we each had to write 5 famous people on slips of paper and divided into boys vs girls. There were a total of 3 rounds; round 1 allowed us to use words and action, round 2 allowed only to use 2 words and actions, and round 3, the hardest round, only allowed us to actions to describe the person. The game was really fun but my favorite part was trying to shy nature made it nerve-racking to act or even think of ways to describe the famous person. The first name I drew was the Pillsbury Dough first thought to this was "how do I describe this??" Two things came to mind: biscuits and "woohoo" (his famous line :)). Since the word biscuits did not get anyone to guess right away I had to actually say "woohoo." This for me was very embarrassing and caused me to laugh way more than someone probably should....haha! But for those who know me really well this is a common occurrence.
Saturday was a productive day. Last weekend we bought new furniture for our bedroom; YAY! We got 2 dressers and a new bed frame. So on Saturday I decided to use my old dresser to organize my sewing items and material. It was a great idea! On Sunday I was able to benefit from my organized material. I made 3 headbands! (2 are for a friend) 
I however did not make time to practice my violin but will definitely practice tonight since I have orchestra practice tomorrow night. There are only 4 Tuesday night practices left before our next concert. I definitely need to practice more haha!! But I love it! :)

Sailor Knot Headband
Double Sided Fabric Headband