Monday, January 30, 2012

So Much Time

I have a lot time on my hands since I, unfortunately, do not have a job. I have applied to several jobs and have not heard too much back, yet. One staffing agency did call me and I went to an "interview" or what I like to call a 'get to know you' meeting. The agency did send my resume to 2 companies. However, I have not heard back from either company but I'm still hopeful. 
Even though I do not have a job yet I have kept myself busy.

Activity 1) 1000 piece puzzle
Okay...998 pieces since there are 2 pieces missing. 
It took longer than I expected...haha!
Activity 2) Applying to around 40 jobs
I have found the time in my "busy" schedule to apply to several different kinds of jobs. 
These are a few:
Red Lobster
Parts Catalog Analyst
Sales Administrative Assistant
Sales Compensation Analyst

Now I just have to wait and hope I hear back from an employer. I know I will hear back from someone but it can be frustrating at times to wait. I don't even mind the rejection emails. I know that I will no longer be considered for the job and can stop waiting to hear back. 

Activity 3) Scrapbook 
It is nice to have time to scrapbook. I made 12 page layouts for a small 5X7 album. So far only a few pages have embellishments. 

Activity 4) Food
The amount of time I have has made it easy to make several different food dishes. 
#1 Mulligatawny Soup

#2 Butternut Squash and Green Apple Soup
I would recommend getting the pre-cut butternut squash.

#3 Creamed Corn Casserole

Activity 5) Organization
After looking at a few sites for organizing I finally got around to creating folders for keeping track of receipts and bills. This way I can better match each receipt with bills. Office organizing things are a lot of fun! Haha!!

Well, I have more to do with all my free time. 

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  1. It's fun to try out new recipes especially when your husband likes what you make. Yum!