Monday, January 30, 2012

Busy Morning

This morning was a very busy morning. I got up at 8am and got ready for the day. Then I got busy cooking. I knew Kristopher had to be at work by 12pm and he was not going to have anything to take to work for dinner so I had to get up early enough to have lunch and dinner made. As I was making enchiladas for lunch (before he left for work) and about to start making something for later in the day Kristopher told me he had to be at work at 11am. This did not leave me much time to make what I had planned. So I opted to heat up brussel sprouts and told him he had to take them along with a hot pocket and apple for dinner. I then continued to make lunch along with making a casserole which will be eaten tomorrow. By 11:00 both the enchiladas and the broccoli and bacon casserole were out of the oven and the clean up was almost done. I felt very productive this morning! 

Dish #1 Enchiladas
(After Kristopher ate lunch) 

Dish #2 Broccoli and Bacon Casserole

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