Thursday, February 2, 2012

Food & Interview

Since I had some extra time on my hands on Tuesday I decided to make 2 more casseroles for later this week. Making things ahead of time really saves me time in the future. 
The first casserole I made was called Hamburger Pie. It took around 30 minutes to prep and 30-35 minutes to bake. Mashed potatoes and cheese top the hamburger, green bean, onion, and tomato soup mixture. 
The second casserole I made was a Broccoli & Rice Bake. The ingredients include broccoli, rice, milk, sour cream, and cream of celery soup. I ended up using fat free sour cream since that is all I had in the refrigerator. Cream of chicken soup can also be used. Both casseroles taste good! 

Those are tomato soup spots; not burnt cheese

1st Interview in Joliet!
Wednesday I got a phone call from Chase Staffing at 8:30am telling me I got an interview for the parts catalog administrative position. Chase Staffing had sent my application last week to Navistar for this position. After waiting and waiting to hear back on whether or not I got an interview. I scheduled the interview for Thursday February 2 in the afternoon. The job is located in Lisle, IL and should be around a 45 minute drive. I got my portfolio ready with extra resumes along with the email stating the job responsibilities. In the afternoon I had to take a skills assessment on Excel 2003 through Chase Staffing. The assessment consisted of a mock Excel spreadsheet with 30 questions and 1 question displaying at a time. This was a timed assessment but there wasn't a time limit. Once I finished a question (whether it was right or wrong) I was asked if I wanted the next question or to repeat the question. It only took me 17 minutes for 30 questions and I only missed 1 question! The question I missed was how to center the document vertically and horizontally on the printed page (we were not allowed to use any help references). I did not know how to do this before the assessment but I do know how to do this now. :-) Since the assessment was over Excel 2003 and I am used to Excel 2007 it took a little thinking as to where things were located in 2003 vs 2007 ha ha!
Hopefully the interview goes well!

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  1. The real food pictures look delicious; especially nice in your ovenware--much colorful than my plain old 30+ year old pyrex. Still works though.
    I'm sure you did very good on the interview. Hopefully you'll hear soon and that it is good news!
    Love you.