Monday, October 14, 2013

Leather Jacket

The Pattern
It's been a really long time since I have posted. :) Good news though, I have been sewing! I started this leather jacket a few weeks ago and am almost done. Just a few more stitches.
Step 2: Cutting out the fabric! (Step 1 cut out the pattern pieces)

The pockets are complete and the front is almost finished.

Added the final front decorations

Zipper has been put in!

The back is complete!

The front and back are now sewn together!  
The front and back just need to the sides sewn together. After the sides are sewn together then the sleeves will be put on. :) I'm almost done!! I am hoping to have this project complete by the end of the day Sunday.

2/19/2014 I realized tonight I did not post a picture of the finished product. So here it is... :)


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  1. Wow! Nice job! What color is the zipper? Love that bling on the jacket front and jacket back!! What is your lining going to be like?